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Mediation, a different way of solving conflict

Recognized by Belgian law since 2005 and incited by judges, mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process (ADR).

Your chartered mediator: Marie-Noële Peeters

Holding a Master's and a Doctorate Degree in International Relations I also hold a Bachelor's Degree in English Culture and Literature from the Université de Lille, as well as a Belgian teaching degree.

I first acquired teaching experience in the United States of America and afterwards in Belgium, where I also worked in businesses for a few years.

Attracted by mediation in 2010, I attended training at UMons in order to become a professional mediator, chartered by the Belgian Federal Commission for Mediation in business, civil & commercial, and family affairs.

I like to sit and take time to meet people.

I am trilingual and the mother of 3 children. As a coach, I also support companies in their search for profitability through their human capital.

I have a strong interest in international family mediation related to child abduction. I am also expanding my expertise into the field of business mediation.


I am a member of the Belgian Union for Professional Mediators and of the Association for Family Mediation. I am also a member of the mediation permanence organised at the Tribunal de la Famille du Brabant Wallon.





0472 633 475


You can make an appointment either in AthRhode-Saint-Genèse or Walloon Brabant.

Unfortunately conflict situations are part of our daily lives


a family issue in a divorce, a heritage? Having to make a decision about a family member? Divorcing by mutual consent?


contract-related litigation?

Being confronted by a conflict at your workplace or in your business?

Dealing with

a neighbourhood disagreement?

Making the wrong decision can have dramatic consequences on a whole family, a business or a trade relationship.


Today there is a satisfying way to solve these issues: mediation.

What if ...

« My spouse and I cannot agree on everything so mediation is not for us. »

Mediator's reply : the only thing these two must actually agree on is to mediate, i.e. get in a room together and allow a third party to help them navigate through the issues that need to be resolved.


« We can't get along with each other, I cannot sit in a room with her »

Mediator's reply : yes, you probably can.

In this case the mediator gives parties homework to do at home, it goes more quickly.


« People tend to think they will be taken on a ride »

Mediator's reply : everything on your areement document is yours.

Mediation, led by a chartered mediator, offers a powerful legal alternative.

time gain

The mediation process will never take an unnecessary long period of time. It will allow for a quick outcome.

financial gain

Even though mediation is not free, it remains much cheaper than a judicial process.

If you have low income you can request legal aid in your area here and benefit from limited fees for mediation.

a customised solution

During a mediation process, parties have the opportunity to discuss and reach agreements that benefit all parties. Mediation offers a flexibility that a judicial process does not allow.

peace of mind

During mediation sessions, issues are dealt with one by one and examined closely. This allows both parties to express their personal points of view.

maintaining the link

Mediation allows the link between parties to be maintained. It helps avoid detrimental domino effects.

and above all ...

... at the end of the process, agreements are signed that can be approved and recognised by the tribunal.

The mediator, a relationship professional

Neutral and independent


Without judgement


Helps to maintain the relationship

Secures confidentiality


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